A1G Unit 4.7 GeoGebra Lab G3.2

Target: Using GeoGebra, identify angle pair relationships when two parallel lines are cut by a transversal.
Your task is to construct two parallel lines cut by a transversal in GeoGebra (Hint, there is a parallel line tool). Measure all 8 angles (note, no angle should measure greater than 180 degrees, if it does, re-measure the angle by clicking the points in a different order). An example of the final product can be seen above. You can grade your own assignment by seeing if your lab works the same way as this example. Use the “Text Tool” to write your name on your lab. Save your GeoGebra in the assignment category on Canvas. After you've made your construction answer the following question. What can you conclude about the following angle pairs formed by a transversal through parallel lines? a) Corresponding angles: b) Alternate Interior Angles: c) Alternate Exterior Angles: d) Consecutive Interior Angles: