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IM Quiz 1.1 - 1.6

1. Translate triangle ABC down 2 and right 4. Then reflect over the x-axis.

2. Rotate Triangle ABC 90 degrees counterclockwise around the origin (0, 0). Then translate Triangle A'B'C' right 3 units.

3. Use this graph to answer the question below.

Write a sequence of transformations that move triangle ABC to triangle A'B'C'. Be sure to give all necessary details of each transformation.

4. Tell if the following statement is true or false about the sequence of transformations that can verify that triangle ABC is congruent to triangle A’B’C’. If it is false, explain why.

4a. Triangle ABC is reflected across the y-axis, followed by a reflection across the x-axis.

4b. Triangle ABC is rotated 180 degrees clockwise around the origin (0, 0).

4c. Triangle ABC is reflected across the x-axis, followed by a translation 8 units to the right.