Vector loop or not? (exploring addition)

Yvonne Lai
A set of vectors form a loop when you can place them head-to-tail and the head of the last vector touches the tail of the first vector. Here are some examples.

Examples of Loops

Here are some non-loops. Can you tell what is wrong? What makes them NOT vector loops?


Drag the vectors in sets 1, 2, 3, 4. Can any sets of vectors be made into loops? Which ones?

Check all that apply

Loop sets or not?

Drag the vectors around in sets V, W, U, Z. Try to make loops.
  1. Which sets cannot make loops?
  2. What vector can you add to the set so that you can make a loop?
  3. How does the new vector depend on the order you joined the original vectors head-to-tail?

Loops possible or not?