Parking at Austin Peay State University

I attended and graduated from Austin Peay State University. Over my years there I found myself spending most of my time at three locations. As a mathematics major and education minor I took most of my classes in the Claxton Building. The math department is found on 3rd floor and the education department is housed on the 2nd floor of the Claxton Building. I worked in the campus library for 20 hours a week. Five times a week I would play Ultimate Frisbee on the Intramural Fields. Supposing I need to find a parking spot where would the optimal parking spot be to minimize the amount I need to walk each day.
1) Using the line segment tool create a triangle with the three vertices: Ultimate!, Library! & Claxton! 2) Construct the Circumcenter by finding the perpendicular bisector of at least two sides of the triangle. 3) Create and label the point that is the optimal parking spot. You may want to change the color of the optimal point in order to see it. To do this right click on the point and go to Object Properties and after opening the Color tab choosing a brighter color. 4) Is the solution to the problem practical? If not why?