Triangle example

Write here a short explanation of the problem. \\ In this problem,I construct a triangle given the base and the height. I also calculate the area.

Here you have to explain how your applet works.  Write a short description about what every button, check box, etc does.  Add any special note you want. \\ With this applet, we can compute the area of a triangle given the base and the height I have created two sliders, one for the base and the other for the height. If you move the sliders, the sizes of the triangle change. The check box called "Construction" is used to show all the auxiliary lines used. I also created a textbox, where I used different colours and I made it dynamic. I would like to remark that when the height is 0, I made the condition that the textbox of the area dissappears and it appears another one saying that it's a wrong construction.