Measuring the Volume of a Rectangular Prism

Prism, Volume

Cubirocks Galore- A fun game of estimating the volume of cubes

Volume Task

Complete the following volume task using the Lengh, Width and Height sliders above

Scenario: Billy is having trouble finding a suitable fish tank. The volume of the fish tank is 30 cm3 Task: Look at the following sheet below titled 'Billy's fish-tanks choices' and create 3 tanks using the measurements and the sliders above. Choose the fish-tank that has a volume of 30cm3 and answer the following questions. Questions 1. Which fish-tank should Billy buy and why? 2. Record the length, width and height of the fish tank you have chosen (this is outlined on the 'Billy's Fish-tank choices'sheet below). 3.How many layers does your chosen fish tank have?

Billy's fish tank choices