3.1 What are your chances?


03/10/2016 3.1 What are Your Chances K: If the denominators are the same, then the higher the numerator the greater the probability U: If the Numerators are the same, then the lower the denominator the higher the probability starter: on a die (using words) Probability of rolling a 7 P( 0 ) = P (even number) P (odd number) P ( 1) Q 2 together. Probability using fractions: Probability of rolling a 2 P(rolling a number > 4) P (number<6) P (<7) bag A has 10 sweets. 9 of them are red bag B has 10 sweets. 8 of them are red. which bag are you most likely to choose red from? When the denominators are the same. The higher numerator has a greater probability. Q 4. If the probability of Tom scoring is 5/ 9 Fabio scores 5/ 8 If they both take one shot who has the greater probability of scoring? when the numerators are the same, if the denominator is smaller the probability is greater Q 4. instructions round 1 P ( 0 - 0) round 2 P (0 - 0 ) for 6. and 7. Bag A contains 17 balls. 14 of them are red Bag B contains 50 balls. 43 of them are red. Which bag are you most likely to pick red from? Use decimal conversion from the calculator.. now complete Q 2 exercise 3.2