Torsional Moment - Part 2

M (Torsional Moment), F (Force), R (Distance between the Point of Rotation and the Point of Force), α (Angle between R and F) In Torsional Moment - Part 1 If F and R are showing a 90 degree angle, we found out that M, F and R have a linear correlation. The formula we devised was [Nm]
Task 1: Make a table in your exercise book, have a look at the torisional moment related to the angle. Task 2: You know 3 angluar functions and you know the formula M=RF from before. Find the angular function which is used at the calculation for M if we do not have an angular of 90 degrees. Task 3: Think about the correlation between R, F, alpha and M. Try to devise a formula for M, using your observations.