Linear Graph Investigation

Investigate the effect of varying m and c on a line Ensure you give your responses in full sentences and use diagrams to assist your explanation.
a) What do you notice when you increase the value of m? b) What do you notice when m is less than 0 compared to when it is greater than 0? c) Look at the y axis when you vary c. What do you notice? d) Select a value of m and c for your red line, and write it down in your book. e) Make a right-angled triangle from the grid lines and the red line. What is the height of the triangle? What is its width? How does this compare with the value of m? f) Draw a sketch of the graph and label the key points. g) Check the tick box next to "Blue Line." Vary the blue sliders until the blue line is parallel to the red line. What do you notice about the values of m and c? Test this for a different red line.