Sketch/Draw the Derivative

Sketching Derivatives
Steps: 1. Enter a function using the INPUT BOX. (You need to make sure the graphics bar is highlighted in VIEW.) 2. Construct POINT ON OBJECT on the graph of the function. 3. Construct a TANGENT LINE to the graph of the function at the constructed point. 4. Use the tangent line to estimate critical values and inflection points of the function. 5. Your task will be to construct a graph of the derivative. a) Construct points on the derivative's graph using the point tool and what you have learned so far. b) Under the TEXT BOX tool, select the PEN TOOL and then try to DRAW THE DERIVATIVE of the function. 6. Once you have sketched your derivative graph, use the INPUT BOX to actually sketch the derivative of the function. ************************************************************************************************* *7. How close where you? On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "no where close" and 10 being "WOOHOO, I GOT IT!!!", how did you do? ________ *8. If your sketch was not perfect, what part of your thinking was a bit "off" and why?