This workbook contains three exercises in one point perspective to complete in Geogebra. The first one (fence) should be completed by Friday 9/22 at 5pm, and the other two (rubik and window, which are harder) are due Thursday 9/28 at 5pm. All completed exercises should be sent to me as geogebra files (.ggb) either as email attachment or shared in Google drive. Each exercise has a starting .ggb file for you to download. This workbook also has a still image (.png) of the desired ending appearance you need to create. For the Fence exercise, you are given a vertical fencepost, horizon line, vanishing point, and a point to indicate the base of the next fencepost. Draw a total of 6 equally tall fenceposts, equally spaced, proceeding away from the viewer. For the Rubik exercise, you start with a square divided in thirds, a horizon line, a principal vanishing point, and a diagonal vanishing point. Draw the other two faces of the cube, with each subdivided in thirds horizontally and vertically in perspective. For the Window exercise, you start with a box representing a building, which we will assume to have a square base, and a window centered on the front wall, together with a horizon line and principal and diagonal vanishing points. You need to draw an identical window on the side wall in perspective, making sure it is equally tall and wide to the front window, and centered on its wall. You should do no guesswork or eyeballing! Each of these exercises should give you enough information, with some careful thought, to construct the exact locations of the necessary points using Geogebra's tools. When you complete an exercise, make sure to Hide all the excess construction lines/points (there will be a lot of them!) to make your final file look as close to the end images shown here as you can, before sending me the file. Have fun!