Exploring Truth Values for Compound Statements

This is an open-ended exploration where you will have the chance to create compound logic sentences with truth value that you can control using the checkboxes at the bottom of the window. When the checkbox is checked, the variable is TRUE. When the checkbox is unchecked, the variable is FALSE. Entering Logic Sentences. There is a special "code" you will need to use for entering logical compound sentences:
  • && means AND
  • | | means OR (probably on the right side of your keyboard, above the RETURN key)
  • ! means NOT or NEGATION
Some examples: - would be entered as !p || q - would be entered as r && (p || !q) - would be entered as !(p && q) || (!r || s) You can also use the SYMBOL PALETTE to select the NEGATION, AND or OR symbols.

Challenge yourself! Try to do each one in different ways! Try to use negations and different conjunctions! Have fun with this!