Graphing Inequalities

Graphing Inequalities

In this section, we will focus on graphing inequalities. This worksheet is to review graphing inequalities in one variable so that we can apply this knowledge towards graphing inequalities in two variables. In order to check your understanding for graphing inequalities, please graph problems 1-5 using GeoGebra. Note any differences or similarities between graphs. Problems 6-8 involve identifying inequalities from word problems. Problem 9 is for you to share your thoughts about this topic.

1. x>5


3. x does not equal 4

4. x>=4 and x<9

5. x>1 and x<-5

6. If Sara had at least three pieces of candy, how would you represent this inequality. Please graph this inequality below:

Inequalities in two variables.

7. What if Sara had at least three more pieces of candy than John, how could you represent this using variables.

8. Please graph the formula you created in question 7.

9. Your Thoughts

Please include any thoughts you already know about this topic. What do you know? What do you want to know? What confuses you?