Plotting Points (x,y): Dynamic Illustration

A COORDINATE is a NUMBER or a LETTER that indicates LOCATION. Did you ever play Milton Bradley's game Battleship as a kid? If so, you dealt with coordinates! "A5" was either a "hit" or a "miss", right? In this game, the "A" and the "5" are called coordinates. Your mobile device can indicate your latitude and longitude. LATITUDE and LONGITUDE are numbers that help tell a person his/her LOCATION. Thus, LATITUDE and LONGITUDE are said to form a pair of COORDINATES. Note the coordinate plane below. Press the "New Example" button. After doing so press "Plot Point". Be sure to watch the specific dynamics of how to plot a point correctly. Repeat the colored step above approximately 10 times. Then, go to the link indicated below the applet.
Once you're confident in your ability to plot a point given its coordintes, click here to put into practice what you've just learned!