2 CSTRs starting up

A reactor takes a while to reach steady state. The model below shows the concentrations of two species A and B as they change with time following the start of the reactor. A first order reaction A → B is also occurring.

Vary the flow rate -- how does that change the time required to approach the steady state? Set the flow rate back to v=0.3 L/s and vary the rate coefficient for the reaction -- how does that change the approach to steady state? If reaction has actually has a rate coefficient such that log k = -2.75, what flow rate would be required to generate at least 60% conversion coming out of the second reactor? How long does the the reactor series now take to reach steady state? It is suggested that one of the reactors be replaced by a 200L reactor. How would that change the conversion that can be achieved? Is it better to place this reactor 1st or 2nd?