the title of this piece is called "Spring." i chose this name because the colors, green yellow, and blue are all reminiscent of a spring. the parent function i chose was f(x)=abs(x). i added in an "a" slider that, as its absolute value is greater than one, makes the function skinnier, and if the absolute value is less than one, it would cause the function to be narrower. when "a" is negative, the function will flip. i also added a "k" so that it would change vertically. i made the slider move slowly so it did not appear to be violent and instead almost calming. to make the colors i set red high at 200k. as k increased the green and blue would become more apparent and as k decreased, the red would come into play a bit more but not very noticeable. i set the blue at 15. green, the dominant color was at 100-k, as k increased, it would become more green, and as k decreased it would become more yellow.