Tool: Ray

Create a ray through the points [i]A[/i] and [i]B[/i].
[table][tr id=SelectRayTool][td]1.[/td][td][icon]/images/ggb/toolbar/mode_ray.png[/icon][/td][td]Select the [i]Ray [/i]tool. [br][u]Hint[/u]: You will find the [i]Ray[/i] tool in the toolbox for lines. [/td][/tr][tr id=CheckRayAB][td]2.[/td][td][icon][/icon][/td][td]With the Ray tool activated, first select point [i]A[/i], which is the starting point of your new ray. Then, select point [i]B[/i] in order to let the ray run through [i]B[/i].[br][/td][/tr][tr id=CheckTwoRays][td]3.[/td][td][icon][/icon][/td][td]Select the [i]Ray[/i] tool. Click twice in the [i]Graphics View[/i] in order to create a new ray. [/td][/tr][/table]

Information: Tool: Ray