Parametric Grapher w/Velocity and Acceleration Vectors

Simple applet for sketching parametric function in the x-y plane. I added the option to display the Velocity and/or Acceleration vectors at any point on the graph. You can also animate the curve to see how the graphs develops over time. This is particularly nice for observing the speed of the particle at different points in time. NOTE: The Velocity and Acceleration vectors are not reproduced to scale. They are drawn on the graph as a percentage of the scale factor you choose on the "Vector" slider. This means that if the largest the acceleration vector ever gets is 45, and you set the scale factor to 4, the Acceleration vector will be drawn with a length of 4. This is done so the vectors can be seen on the graph (as their magnitude often takes them far off the region of the graph we are interested in). The actual magnitudes of each vector are displayed next to the checkbox for turning the vector on and off.