Linear Equations in Two Variables-Class IX

In this activity, you will use concepts learnt in the chapter "Linear Equations in Two Variables" to identify points of intersection of lines, equations of lines parallel to axes and plot graph of linear equations in two variables.

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TASK 1The letterHis placed along lines parallel to the axes; identify these three lines and write their equations in the box below.

TASK 2: In the following GeoGebra applet, use input bar (on the left) to plot following equations: y = 4 , 3x - y = 2


TASK 3: The two lines plotted in the TASK 2 , form a triangle with y-axis . Read the coordinates of the vertices from the graph and write down these coordinates in the box below.

TASK 4 Is ( 1 , 2 ) a solution of the equation 3x - y = 2? Justify your answer with reference to its graph plotted in the TASK 2.