How to Create the Midpoint or Center

Use the tool [icon][/icon] [i]Midpoint or Center[/i] in order to create the midpoint or center of different objects.
[table][tr id=selectTool][td]1.[/td][td][icon]/images/ggb/toolbar/mode_midpoint.png[/icon][/td][td]Activate the tool [i]Midpoint or Center[/i] from the toolbar.[/td][/tr][tr id=checkMidpointPoints][td]2.[/td][td][icon][/icon][/td][td]Successively select points [i]A[/i] and [i]B[/i] in order to create their midpoint.[/td][/tr][tr id=checkMidpointSegment][td]3.[/td][td][icon][/icon][/td][td]Select the segment in order to create its midpoint.[/td][/tr][tr id=checkCenterCircle][td]4.[/td][td][icon][/icon][/td][td]Select the circle in order to create its center.[/td][/tr][/table]

Information: How to Create the Midpoint or Center