Controlling sliders with sliders


The slider parameters, i.e. the min, max step size, and speed parameters (and possibly some more) can be controlled by other parameters/variables. Simply enter their names in the corresponding box. (This side originally created by Jonas Hall)

Sample construction

When to use

This is useful when you want to change one ore more parameter values:
  • Changing the animation speed of a slider with another slider.
  • Changing the maximum value of a slider to allow for "further investigations"

How do you do this?

The construction above uses the following KEY ELEMENTS:
  • One ore more contor sliders: Create a slider with settings suitable to control tha main slider. In this example, the control sliders are called Low, High and Speed.
  • A main slider: Create a slider and insert variable references instead of fixed parameter values. In this example, insert "Low" as Minimum value, "High" as maximum value and "Speed" as the animation speed.

Screencast of construction

More examples

In the following example, two sliders called Speed and relSpeed control the rotation speed of the LP-players. One has Animation Speed = "Speed" and the other has the Animation Speed = "Speed * relSpeed"