Line Uniqueness

In this application, we are finding the line between two points, A and B. You can move points A and B, by dragging the blue circles. We can also find different equations for the lines, shown by sliding the slider named "Equation Number". Play around with the application, taking note of the vector equation and Cartesian equation. Then, answer the questions below.
Question 1: Cycle through the four different vector equations. What do you notice about the lines they represent? Question 2: How does this compare to the Cartesian equation? Question 3: For each equation, explain clearly (in terms of A and B) how the equations were made. Line 1: Line 2: Line 3: Line 4: Question 4: Convert one of the vector equations to the Cartesian equation. Question 5: Given the vector equation, how can we find the slope of the line? Make an equation.