Turning (Draaiende) CWEC

In this animation the CWEC can be seen turning while a wave passes. Wavelength in this animation is about 100m and waveheight is about 6m. Period os about 10 seconds. As you can see, the CWEC makes an orbital movement while the full wave passes. The red circle is in reality a buoy with a certain weight and volume. (the volume is twice as big as the weight) This buoy serves as a converter to capture the vertical movement. The red line underneath the buoy is the "Flap". The flap enables the CWEC to capture the horizontal movement.The CWEC is my invention. Circular wave energy converter. I call it a second generation WEC because it integrates two different methods to harvest the power from the seawaves.
For information: W.Mulder wient.mulder@gmail.com The Netherlands