Centroid Construction Challenge #3

Construct the centroid using the limited toolbar. Your construction should pass the drag test!

Pythagorean Theorem Proof without Words

Move the endpoints of the segments and the X to change the shape. The slider translates the pieces into a new combination. What do you notice?

Secant Lines Intersecting a Circle - Arcs and Angles

Move points A, B, and C. Moving point A also will move point C. Move point R to change the radius of the circle. Observe the arc and angle measures.

How is the measure of angle ABC related to the measures of arcs AC and DE?

Geometric Proof of the Distributive Property

Geometric Proof of the Distributive Property

03.03 Congruent SSS Triangle Assignment

03.03 Assignment

This is a set of SSS congruent Triangles

Exploring Regular Polygons

Take some time to investigate the properties of regular polygons.

What's My Rule #8?

What's my rule?