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Solid of Revolution

The figure below is  of the solid formed by rotating the parabola  around the x-axis.

Geometry Application

Using only the given tools, construct an equilateral triangle.

Algebra Application

A test has twenty questions worth 100 points.  The test consists of True/False questions worth 3 points each and multiple choice questions worth 11 points each.  How many multiple choice questions are on the test? Solve the system by graphing below.

Another Geometry Construction

Watch the video below, then mimic the construction to create a pentagon.

Calculus Application

Find the dynamic equation of the tangent line to the graph of f(x) at point P.

Linear Difference Equations

Use a spreadsheet to model u(n) = 0.75*u(n-1) + 10, u(0) = 5. Does this model have a fixed point?