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Self Assessment MCQs Collection

This is a collection of mostly formative self assessment MCQs on various topics. This will be a project for 2018 and beyond. Dynamic graphics, auto generated questions and answers with built in sequence/learning progression/increasing complexity. Advantages : Good for use as formative self assessment exercises: 1. Questions can be supported by interactive diagrams to scaffold learning and reinforcement. 2. Distractors for MCQ are can be designed/modified based on teacher knowledge of students' learning difficulties, common errors and misconceptions. 3. Easy for instructors to design and tailor/modify meaningful feedback for each type of question, and students get immediate feedback for errors. 4. On Geogebra Materials, collaboration to improve these resources will lead to free to low cost but high quality learning resources for all students from all backgrounds! I see almost infinite possibilities in the use of such exercises, which are not meant to be standalone but could fit in some lesson plan, learning package in a course. It could also be part of any simulation where some formative assessement element is needed? Such quizzes will be very suitable for any math topics where visuals/interactive diagrams can scaffold learning, and has greater advantage over conventional MCQs which rely on static images and questions to carry out formative or summative assessments. Interested collaborators or comments are welcome. Contact me via or