Where is the Treasure?

You are on a treasure hunt. On the map below, there is a treasure. The treasure is supposedly buried in the field on which you and your friend are standing. Inside this field are a birdbath fountain, flagpole, and a tree (see applet below.) Here's what you DO know: 1) The location of the treasure is located at a point that is 15 m away from the flagpole. 2) The treasure is just as far away from the tree as it is from the fountain. For this applet below, assume that 1 unit represents 2 m (in real life). Use the tools of GeoGebra in the applet below to determine a possible location of this treasure. After locating a location, label its point "T" (for "Treasure").
Additional Questions: 1) How many possibilities are there for the location of the treasure? 2) If you only found one possible location, find the other possible location of the treasure. Be sure to use the tools of GeoGebra to CLEARLY DEMONSTRATE/SHOW that the 2 criteria (listed above the applet) are met!