ACCESS - System of Linear Equations

1. Adjust the two different lines changing the slope and y-intercept of each. a. What happens when the slopes are the same? b. What happens when the y-intercepts are the same? c. What happens when the slope and y-intercept are the same? 2. Two teams are playing baseball. At the end of the current inning, The blue team is winning 2-0 over the red team. From this point on in the game, the red team scores 2 points per inning, and the blue team only scores one run per inning. a. Use the four sliders to model the two team scores. b. Interpret the intersection 3. Toggle the Angle between Lines button on. a. Change the slope to get the lines perpendicular (intersect at a 90 degree angle). b. Come up with a relationship between the two slopes.