Buying a House in an Optimal Location

One day my wife and I were looking to buy a house when we lived and worked in Washington DC. My wife worked in the State Department with the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator in NW DC. I worked at H.D. Woodson High School in NE DC. Our other weekly activity was to play Ultimate at Blueberry Hill Park in Derwood, MD. Where should we buy a house to minimize our distances to our respective work and our weekly Ultimate game.
Construct a triangle and find it's circumcenter. 1) Label three points for each location. 2) Create a triangle with three line segments. 3) Construct each midpoint. 4) Construct at least two perpendicular bisectors. 5) Construct the circumcenter and label it clearly by changing the color of the point if necessary. 6) Is this a practical location for a house? If not why? What would be a reasonable secondary location?