How to create the cannonball game

1.     We identified the sliders that changes the angle, gravitational acceleration and power of the gun. 2.     We draw a circle that has same length of radius with the power of the gun, so we when we change the power of the gun circle will be greater. 3.     We draw a vector on the circle with the angle which we identified with slider, so when we change the angle vector still be on the circle and angle will change too. 4.     We find the perpendicular lines from the point B which is the end point of vector to the x-axis and y-axis. Thus, we found the Vy, and Vx which are the horizontal and vertical speed of the particle that we throw with the gun. 5.     We identified the time as t with a slider and the end point of the slider fixed with the formula of tfly=2.V.sin(α)/g or 2.Vy/g 6.     Height also identified the physic formula of H(x)=V.sin(α).t-1/2gt2 and graph of it drawn. 7.     Range of the particle has calculated the formula M(x)=Vx.t 8.     Then the Throw button and reset button identified. 9.     The rest of the game is actually decoration. You can change it however you want.