ACCESS - Graphing with Slope and Y-Intercepts

Use the sliders to adjust the rise, run, and b value (y-intercept) for the line. 1. Keep the rise and the run at 1. Adjust b. How does the line change when only b changes? 2. Set b to 1 and the run to 5. What happens when rise > 5? When 5 > rise > 0? When 0 > rise > -5? When rise < -5? 3. Set the run to 0. What kind of line do you get? 4. Set the rise to 0. What kind of line do you get? 5. Can you write a set of rules for what type of line you will get given a value for run, rise, and y-intercept? For example, "If rise is large and run is small, then the line will be steep and will point up from left to right."