IM1.2 Chapter 3: All together, Now!

1. Feasible Region
Graph all of the constraint inequalities from the previous two chapters below. You should have inequalities representing the following constraints[br]1. space[br]2. start-up costs[br]3. feeding time[br]4. pampering time[br]5. two inequalities to deal with reality.
2. Maximizing Revenue
´╗┐Of course, Carlos and Clarita want to make as much money as possible from their business, so they are trying to determine how many of each type of pet they should plan to accommodate. They plan to charge $8 per day for boarding each cat and $20 per day for each dog.[br][br]Calculate the revenue the twins would get from some different points. [br]a. What combination of cats and dogs gives them the maximum revenue?[br]b. What is the maximum revenue?[br]c. Is there anything interesting about this point on your graph from #1? Could you use this to help pick maximizing points in the future?[br]

Information: IM1.2 Chapter 3: All together, Now!