Geometric Constructions Formative Assessment

AJ Storck

1) Which of the following tools can be used to complete a formal geometric construction? Select all that apply

Check all that apply

2) On a compass, what does the opening between the center point to the pencil point represent?

Check all that apply

3) Fill in the blank: Given two congruent circles, the distance from the centerpoint to the edge of each circle is __________ congruent.

Check all that apply

4) Explain your reasoning to Question 3

5) Why is it important that the term "locked" is used when making the following statement? You can use a locked compass setting and a straightedge to draw two congruent segments.

Geometric Constructions

Follow the links below to practice different geometric constructions. After you have finished all of the constructions, submit the assessment so your teacher can review your progress. (Click to open page in new tab) Follow Construction Instructions Congruent Segments Angle Bisectors Congruent Angles Parallel Lines Midpoint/Perpendicular Lines