Republic of Euclidistan

Repuclic of Eculidistan Flag

The flag reflects the Euclisdistan's value by following the principles of order, logic, reason, and its commitment to a quality education for all citizens. The flag shows the order by creating a square with two blue parallel lines, which means that the law must be always followed and the boundary must be set. The flag shows logic by all the symmetric pattens. The flag shows reasons by the intersection of diagonal lines which tells us that everything has it's reasons. The flag shows commitment to a quality education by a circle in the middle of the flag which means the core value of Euclisdistan is quality education. The myriad colors shown in the flag represents the diverse population and nature in Euclisdistan. With square, circle, rectangle, midpoints, bisectors, triangles, and segments the flag reflects that the values of Euclidistan and the diverse population in which it beholds.


1. Draw a 15cm * 10cm rectangle. 2. Draw an orange line to connect the midpoint of the top and bottom sides of the rectangle to bisect the rectangle in half. ( Refer the bisector as AB) 3. Mark two points on the top and bottom sides of the rectangle 5cm from Line A. (Refer to point C, D,E,F) 4. Connect the points in step 3 to make a square in the middle of the flag. The two blue lines are parallel to each other. 5. Connect the midpoint of left to right sides. 6. Draw two diagonal lines of the rectangle that intersect each other at the middle of the flag. 7. Draw a 1.5 cm radius circle by using the intersection of above diagonal lines as the center. 8. By now, I drew all the outlines of the patterns of the flag. Fill in the colours and change the colour of the lines. (Refer to the flag)

Republic of Euclisdistan

Republic of Euclisdistan