Vector Converter

Explore the activity below and answer all questions at the bottom of the page. Make sure you pay attention to how both Geometric and Algebraic Vectors are built from one another. NOTE: In each mode, you only have to watch the animation once. Afterwards you can change your original entry and the converted vector will automatically update.
Explain how the trigonometric functions are used in converting Geometric Vectors to Algebraic. What fomula is being rearranged to find the x and y coordintates? Why? Draw a picture of any triangles that you think are relevant to this calculation. What two formulas are being rearranged to convert Algebraic vectors to Geometric? Why? Draw the triangles involved in this calculation and explain why you've labelled it as you did. What changes during the calculation of the Geometric Vector when you enter a zero as either the x or the y coordinates for your Algebraic vector? Why do you think this happens?