Visualizing Triangle Inequalities

This worksheet shows how to construct a triangle when the side lenghts [color=#c51414]a[/color], [color=#1551b5]b[/color], and [color=#0a971e]c[/color] are known. Step through the construction by using the arrow keys below.

[list=1] [*] What can happen if you change the side lenghts [color=#c51414]a[/color], [color=#1551b5]b[/color], or [color=#0a971e]c[/color]? Identify at least three different cases. [i]Hint[/i]: You can change the side lenghts by moving the slider values. [*] Which conditions must be fulfilled such that these cases can happen? Write down conditions in your own words, or by menas of a formula. [/list]