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Geogebra Snowflake

Step 1

Start by making sure the graph will not have labels by going into settings, "Labeling" then clicking"No New Objects". Also remove the grid, x-axis, and y-axis. Then place two points on your graph vertically and a line through both points.

Step 1: Visual

Step 2

Add 4 points on the right of the graph similar to a square shape. Then create a polygon with these 4 points. Change the color of the polygon to blue.

Step 2: Visual

Step 3

Step 3
Click this button then select the polygon and the bottom point on the line. Then change the angle to .

Step 3: Visual

Step 4

Remove points from the new polygon. Then repeat step 3 for each new polygon until there are a total of 6 polygons.

Step 4: Visual

Step 5

Step 5
Now clip above button then highlight all polygons and select the center line. Then remove points on the polygon to the left so only the original polygon has points.

Step 5: Visual

Step 6

Manipulate the original polygon to create a snowflake.

Step 6: Visual