Adding and Subtracting Integers

There are six questions for each problem. When a question is answered correctly the other questions will appear. Refresh your browser once you are ready to move onto the next problem.
Answer the following problems and record the requested information on your answer sheet: 1. 2+3 2. 1+1 3. -3 + (-1) 4. -6 + 1 5. 5 + (-3) If this were being used in my classroom I would select 3-4 problems of each: positive + positive, positive + negative, negative + positive, negative + negative What patterns can you observe? What happens when you add a positive + positive? Have you seen this before? What happens when you add a positive + negative? negative + positive? negative + negative? Create your own problems. Do the observations you recorded above still hold true? This activity would then be recreated with subtraction problems.