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The [color=#9900ff]GeoGebra ICME Gathering 2016[/color] will take place on the 24 July 2016 at University of Hamburg, Germany![br][br]You are invited to join Markus, Zsolt and other members of the GeoGebra team for an enjoyable series of special talks, demonstrations, future research project discussions, and great company to help you start ICME 2016 with old and new friends and colleagues from around the world. [br][br]We have had an excellent response, and we look forward to seeing you all soon![br][br]If you haven't registered, but still want to attend, send us a request and we will see if we can find space for you to join.
[b]University of Hamburg[br]Philosophenturm[/b][br]Von-Melle-Park 6[br]20146 Hamburg[br][br][b]Room Number: [/b]1350 (13th floor)[br][br]See map below[br]
Meeting Location + Area Map
Lunch at the Abaton Bistro
Lunch Menu
Lunch Location - Abaton Bistro
Find out more about the Abaton Bistro here: http://www.abaton-bistro.de/
Get a little taster of what awaits you in Hamburg...[br][url=http://english.hamburg.de/]Official Hamburg Website[br][/url]
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