Incenter + Incircle Action (V2)!

In the app below, you can change the size of the triangle by moving any one (or more) of its vertices. You can also alter the size of the angle in the lower left corner by using the smaller slider. (You can also zoom in/out.)


What vocabulary term would you use to describe the segments that have this triangle's vertices as its endpoints? Why?


How do these 3 segments intersect? Describe.


The point you see inside the triangle is called the INCENTER of this triangle. Notice there are 3 equal distances in this triangle. How would you describe these equal distances in your own words? That is, each of these distances is the distance from the _________ to ___________?


Why do your observation(s) and response to (3) above hold true? What previously learned theorem justifies this?

Quick (Silent) Demo