Area Calculation by Simpson's 1st Rule

This is a ship's waterplane area calculation example! Your task for this tutorial is given at the bottom!
Calculate the area if the length is changed to 160m

Effect in KG when New Cargo Loaded on CL

The example shows the effect on ship's KG when a new cargo is added at a certain height on the centre line of the ship.

The task is to find the new cargo mass when the KG is changed to 6.05. You need to iterate a bit!


Ref: Hydrostatic Properties of MV Reed for problem-solving

Use these values to solve problems

Calculation on Initial GM

Based on MV Reed Data go through the tutorial. You need to refer to Hydrostatics-01 & Hydrostatics-05 (Ref. p 62, Reeds Vol.13)
Now solve the problem given the new data for bunkering on MV Reed! Good LucK!

Exercise on Large-Angle Stability

Go to Spreadsheet A41 to start

Draw the GZ curve by opening Hydrostatics-11a in a New Window!