Shane mini golf essay

My short essay on my mini golf hole

My green was designed to be a fairly uncomplicated shape but to have a couple obstacles that made it more challenging to calculate your shots. I wanted to make the golfer have to really think about their options as to where they might be able to hit the ball. There is really only a few ways to score a hole-in-one, and both of them require you to bounce the ball off of one wall. The player could either bounce it off the bottom wall, or bounce it off the far right wall to get a perfect shot.  If the individual ignores the geometry to golf (which would be the shot angles), then they would probably just hit their ball through the open space towards the far right wall and hope that it bounces off that wall and goes in the hole. That strategy may actually get them close to the hole, but it is  much smarter and usually much easier to plan out their shot so that they hit it at an angle, which would result in a more precise hit.  I would say that this hole is a Par 2 hole. A par of 2 makes sense because it isn't too hard to bounce the golf ball off of one of the walls and have it end up close to the hole. From there, it would be an easy put into the hole.