Chords of Circle with Pythagorean Theorem applied to Kite

1) What shapes do you see inside of the kite? 2) How can you find -2a. the green lengths? -2b. CD?

Angle And Arc Relationships

Use the slider to adjust the angle measures.

1) Which angles make a straight angle? 2) Which angles make a right angle? 3) Which angles are congruent? How do you know?

Circle Segment Relationships (Secant, Tangent, and Chord)

Can you make point C move 1) inside the circle; 2) on the circle (try to get L and K to overlap); 3) outside the circle?[br][br]Also try to make an equation using the measures you're given.
What do you notice?[br][br][br][br][br]What do you wonder?

WYR Math #15 Pizza and Proportions of Circle Area

Use the sliders to create two different combinations of pizza. Can you create a pair of combinations that are approximately (or even exactly) equal?