Chapter 2: Rotaional Symmetry

Chapter 2: Rotational Symmetry This chapter deals with the recognition of polygons and figures in which have rotational symmetry. Students will use their previous knowledge in Chapter 1 (Line Symmetry) and be able to now understand rotational symmetry and recognize the number of rotations, (Cn), within given and created polygons provided in this worksheet. In this worksheet there is; Slider: The slider allows students to create their own polygons/figures through n* given points. Trace button: The trace button allows students to erase their old polygons and start over. Given point: Point B is the constructor in which allows students to create their polygon through a "trace" like drawling. Students will be working with a given specific figure from the instructor then will be able to become familiar with the "trace button" to start over and create their own additional figures that apply to given questions later on.

Q1: Using your Rotation Symmetry knowledge, explain how many rotations of symmetry is consist within this given figure... (C1, C2, C3...) Q2: Explain how you came up with your answer to Q1 by drawling another figure/polygon with... (C1, C2, C3...) Q3: If the first rotational symmetry angle is 72 degrees, what would be the next rotational symmetry degree be? ____, Why?