[color=#0000ff]This worksheet contains [/color][color=#980000][b]links[/b][/color][color=#0000ff] to [/color][b]HUNDREDS [/b][b]of dynamic and engaging geometry resources. [/b][b][color=#0000ff]Each worksheet is mapped to 1 (or more) of the standards listed in the [/color][url=]HIGH SCHOOL: Geometry[/url] [color=#0000ff]section of the [/color][url=]Common Core State Standards Initiative for Mathematics[/url][color=#980000]. [/color][color=#274e13] [br][/color][/b][br][color=#980000][b]LINKS: [br][/b][/color][br][url=]CCSS High School: Geometry (Congruence) Volume 1[/url][br][br][url=]CSSS High School: Geometry (Congruence) Volume 2[/url][br][br][url=]CCSS High School: Geometry (Similarity, Right Triangles, & Trigonometry)[/url] [br][br][url=]CCSS High School: Geometry (Circles)[/url][br][br][url=]CCSS High School: Geometry (Expressing Geometric Properties with Equations)[/url][br][url=][br]CCSS High School: Geometry (Geometric Measurement & Dimension)[/url][br][br][url=]CCSS High School: Geometry (Modeling with Geometry)[/url][br][br][b][color=#0000ff]*NEW![/color][/b] [url=]CCSS High School: Geometry (Higher Level Enrichment Challenges)[/url]
SAMPLE 1: Drag the triangle's vertices anywhere you'd like. In your own words, describe the phenomenon you see.
SAMPLE 2: What 2 theorems are dynamically being illustrated below? (Feel free to move the white points wherever you'd like.)
[color=#000000]Teachers can use these resources as a powerful means to naturally [br][br][/color][b][color=#0000ff]1) Foster Discovery Learning[br][/color][color=#0000ff]2) Provide Meaningful Remediation[br]3) Differentiate Instruction, &[br]4) Assess students' understanding.[/color][color=#000000] [/color][/b][br][br][color=#000000]Since any curriculum is [/color][b][i][color=#980000]always[/color][/i][/b][color=#000000] a fluid document, these books, too, will continue to remain works in progress.[/color][br][br][b][color=#0000ff]Teachers:[/color][/b][color=#000000] [br]It is my hope that these resources help empower your students to actively (and regularly) discover the fascinating world of mathematics around them. [br][/color][br][b][color=#0000ff]Students:[/color][/b][color=#000000] [br]It is my hope that these resources help you discover & help reinforce mathematics concepts in a way that makes sense to you. [/color]
[b][color=#980000]These GeoGebra books display the amazing work from several esteemed members of the GeoGebra community. I am truly humbled and amazed by their talents. These comprehensive resources would not have been possible without their contributions. [br][br]I would like to express a [u]HUGE THANK YOU[/u] to[br][br][/color][/b][url=]Anthony C.M. OR[/url][br][url=]Steve Phelps[/url][br][url=]Jennifer Silverman[/url][br][url=]Dr. Ted Coe[/url][br][url=]Samantha Cruz[/url][br][url=]Terry Lee Lindenmuth[br][/url][url=]Raul Manuel Falcon Ganfornina[/url] [br][url=]Walch Education[/url][br][url=]EDC in Maine[/url][br][br]For questions, suggestions, and/or comments, feel free to e-mail me at any time. [br]I wish you much success in your journey of teaching and/or learning mathematics! [br][br]Best,[br][br][url=]Tim Brzezinski[br][br][/url][color=#1e84cc]Independent Mathematics Education Consultant ([url=]Dynamic Math Solutions[/url])[br][/color][color=#1e84cc]Adjunct Mathematics Instructor at Central Connecticut State University[br]Former High School Mathematics Teacher (15 years) at Berlin High School (CT, USA)[/color][br][br]E-Mail: [br]Twitter: [url=]@dynamic_math[/url][br]