Arc Length to Surface of Revolution: Calculus

This applet dynamically illustrates how rotating an arc length of a piece of the graph of a function , from to , about an axis, generates a surface of revolution. For simplicity, the axis of revolution here is the x-axis. You can alter the values of = lower limit of integration = upper limit of integration = number of equal intervals into which the interval is divided. How does increasing the value of change the appearance of the surface of revolution? To explore this in Augmented Reality, see directions below this interactive figure.


1) Open up GeoGebra 3D app on your device. 2) Select the MENU (3 horizontal bars upper left). 3) Select OPEN. Under "Search", type dbska9aq 4) Select the 1 option that appears. 5) You can alter function f, lower limit of integration a, upper limit of integration b, and n = number of intervals where each .