Euler's Discovery

Sam Ancona
Given these tools, construct a triangle with an orthocenter, circumcenter, and centroid to form Euler's discovery. Remember: Orthocenter- When the perpendicular bisector of side "a" connects to vertex "A" on the other side of the triangle repeated for each side and vertex of the triangle. Circumcenter- When the perpendicular bisectors of each side of the triangle (being equidistant from the adjacent vertices) intersect. Centroid- The exact center of a triangle where three lines going through the midpoints on each side intersect. How to draw your triangle: 1. Click on the polygon tool (the third tool from the left) and draw any triangle of your choosing 2. Double-click on the wrench tool arrow (very last tool on the right) and choose "centroid." Then, click on each of the triangle's vertices. A point should appear in the middle of the triangle. 3. Repeat part 2 for the orthocenter and circumcenter on the same triangle as part 1