Composition 1

In this composition, I used figure ABCD, translating it and rotating it to spell my name. After creating figure ABCD, I rotated it around point C 270 degrees, then repeating this twice more around A', then around C'' the final time. After finishing the "O," I translated A''B''C''D'' along vector u to create the "L" and then from that image, I translated it again along vector v to create the first "I," or figure GHIJ. After this, I rotated GHIJ around point K 30 degrees, then I rotated the resulting image around its point J' 315 degrees. After finishing the "V," I translated GHIJ along vector w for the second "I." For the a, I used the same method of the "O," adding a rotation at the end around its point Q'' 270 degrees to create the tail of the "A."