Euler's Method

This geogebra worksheet allows you to see a slope field for any differential equation that is written in the form dy/dx=f(x,y) and build an approximation of its solution using Euler's method. If you are using a DE that has different variables, you must change the independent variable to x and the dependent variable to y. For example, if your DE is: dP/dt=.5(P-t), you would enter it as dy/dx=.5(y-x). You can change the density of the slope field with the density slider. To change the viewing window, right click and enter the "Graphics" settings (click and drag on the left edge of the sidebar to remove) or hold shift and drag the screen. Use the reset button in the top right of the screen to reset the applet to its default settings. To show the approximated solution to the DE, move point A to your desired initial value, input your desired step size for your Euler's method and then either click the "Step" button or click the point itself to create a segment approximating the solution curve. If you have questions or concerns, please email