Exploring Derivatives of Functions

Explore function derivatives with this applet. You can enter a function of in the entry box. Some functions to consider include
  • sin(x)+1
  • log(x)
  • tan(x)
  • asin(x)
  • cos(x)+1
  • exp(x)
  • x^2
  • -x^2
The lower graph shows either the first or second derivative of the function. If "Show Negative Derivative" is selected a highlight will indicate where the derivative is negative on both plots.
Enter any function.
  1. Show the first derivative. ( Uncheck 2nd Derivative )
    1. Is the blue curve increasing or decreasing where the derivative is negative?
    2. Do you notice anything about the function where the derivative crosses zero?
  2. Show the second derivative
    1. What can you say about the blue function where the second derivative is negative?